Cross Hands


2 4   5 7
Initial partners (1&3, 2&4, 5&7, 6&8) face each other.

CHORUS Four clashes with partner, turn so that 1 faces 7, 3 & 5, 4 & 6, 2 & 8, and clash 4 times. (This looks like 2nd formation below). Turn back to starting positions, 4 sticks with partner. Turn so that 2 faces 1, 4 & 3, 6 & 5, 8 & 7 (this looks like 1st formation below) and clash 4 times. The set is then ready for the...
LINE HEY 1st Formation
Hey along the lines, couples clasp hands as they pass in the middle. The set then swings into the opposite diagonal line to do another hey:
LINE HEY 2nd Formation  
Hey as before, and back into starting position.
CHORUS ....ending back in starting position.
CROSS HEY Outsides – two steps in. Insides – two steps out, crossing right shoulders. Now those on inside take two steps a quarter of the way around the inner circle clockwise, while those currently outside take two steps to turn. Keep this up until a full circle is complete. Finish in starting positions.
CHORUS ....ending in 1st formation, ready for the...
CHRISTMAS TREE HEY, The  ZIPPER 1 and 8 take 2 steps diagonally forwards to their left, then 2 diagonally forwards to their right, ending up where 2 (or 7) was. Meanwhile everybody crosses the set by clasping left hands with person diagonally to the left and changing places with that person ( 2 steps), then straight across the set passing right shoulders with person coming from the opposite place ( 2 steps ). Everybody should have moved 1 place around the set in a clockwise direction. Repeat this move until back to original place.
CHORUS ....ending in 1st formation, ready for the...
LINKED HEY and DANCE OFF 1&2, 3&4 etc link in pairs, (1&2 face 3&4, 5&6 face 7&8). 4 steps on the spot, then hey down the length of the set and back, 1&2 lead the dance off.