The Folly

 1                      2
 3                      4
 5                      6
 7                      8
Couple 1+2 dance on on the first beat, then 3+4, 5+6, 7+8, starting every 4 steps. On beat 16, all stamp feet 1,2.
CHORUS Hit ground to the right once, clash with partner 1,2 (left, right), and repeat. Hit offered sticks round in fours 1-3, 3-4, 4-2, 2-1, and similarly in the square formed by 5,6,7 and 8. Half hey, stamp, stamp on arriving at new place. Repeat sticking, and half hey back to original places.
STARS Dancers 1 to 4 do a right hand star for 4, as do dancers 5 to 8. Then a left hand star for 4, in the same groups. Then a right hand star for 4, for group (3,4,5,6), while 1 and 2 do a right hand turn for 4, as do 7 and 8. Then, in these groups, all do a left hand star or turn respectively, for 3 steps, back into place on the 4th step. Last beat back in place – stamp, stamp.
CROSS OVER  All take 2 small steps to get into a single line, crossing right shoulders with opposite number, 2 steps on the spot, staying in line, then  2 large steps to opposite side, 2 steps to turn on right shoulder, 2 large steps back into line, crossing right shoulders, 2 steps staying in line, 2 small steps out and 1 step to turn back into place – stamp, stamp.
ARCHES 7+8 make an arch after doing one sequence of sticking, while 1+2 cast out, followed by 3,4,5,6.  Through arch on 7th step, down in line to original positions. On steps 13,14,15 – small circle casting out, and back to place, stamp, stamp. Then 1+2 make arch after doing one sequence of sticking , while 7+8 cast out followed by 5,6,3,4 as before.
CHORUS as before but at the end of second hey, all turn out with stick held at both ends – high above head.
DANCE OFF Small intro. Count 1,2, on 3 stick on shoulder, on 4 turn to face in. Hit floor, clash with partner left and right, repeat. 4 steps casting out in individual circle to face down set and dance off in lines.