Three Jollies (Black Sheepskin)

A dance for 6, generally 3 men and 3 ladies. Two columns of 3, the ladieson the left, the men on the right, with a row of three hats/ teapots/ whatever down the centre.


   Ladies                   Men

     1           x           2

    3           x           4

     5           x           6

MEN'S CHORUS Hey around the hats– 6 leads off, heys up the set around the teapots. 4 and 2 follow. The last person turns around at centre teapot. At the end of the hey, all loop back to their original positions, and dance once more around the pot in front of them, back to base.
LADIES' CHORUS ditto. 5 leads off, 3 and 1 follow.
MEN CROSS OVER Men cross over the set, passing right shoulder around the back of their opposite lady, then reverse back into position.
LADIES CROSS OVER ditto. Both cross over moves then repeated, left shoulders.
MEN DANCE OFF Men dance off for 8 steps, number 6 leading, turn on left shoulder and 8 steps back to face partner, on the far side from their original positions.
LADIES DANCE OFF ditto, number 1 leading, but return to partner's place (backs to Teapots)
MEN DANCE OFF ditto, number 2 leading, but return to original place, facing their partners.
LADIES DANCE OFF ditto, number 5 leading, back to their original positions.
ALL IN A double hey, men and ladies all hey around teapots to top position. 6 and 5 lead, others follow, 6 passes behind the bottom teapot, going left, while 5 passes behind it and behind 6, going right, then 6 passes behind the middle teapot going right etc etc. At the top of the set, the men and ladies line up in two rows of three - they turn, link arms, and hey together down the set, and the men lead the ladies back to their place, leave them and dance across the set to their own places.
PAUSE for rapturous applause.
DANCE OFF Both sides move in to the centre of the set, the men lift teapots, and all dance off in couples.