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Prague 2014

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Boxing Day 2008 (photos by Gordon Lindsay)

The Turkish Knight throws down the gauntlet, firstly to any serious contenders and then tries to get a volunteer to do his washing up

St George ignores the bluster and invites him to a duel. After all, he's bound to win against anyone whose head is made of cannonballs. He also thinks that anyone who can't do washing up must be a wimp

Little Fellow stirs up the crowd and begins taking bets on who will win. He also starts a list of people eager to wear rubber gloves

Battle rages across the length and breadth of the village, the thrusts and parries bringing gasps from rival factions amongst the onlookers

At last The Turkish Knight goes down and The Doc goes to work, curing the patient with his surgical skills and and drink of special elixir

Father Christmas calls an end to the fighting as he has noticed that Rudolf and the others are getting restless

The Doc, ever alert to a sales opportunity, offers his cure to the crowd

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