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The Dancers, Boxing Day 2007.

Severn Tunnel Junction... being danced on a stiffer gradient than First Great Western could ever manage.

Severn Tunnel Junction... the dance-off. Down hill, as befits a well organised morris side.

Liv, Vanessa, Ann and Di... Di was in charge this day, since Sarah had deserted us in favour of visiting relatives. What an excuse. Anyway, that's why Di is a bit apart from the other three, to preserve her authority and maintain control. She also wore The Whistle, on temporary loan from Sarah.

Down Parade... Alan and Cedric using the gradient to help them corner at great speed

Down Parade again... Alan, Cedric and Hugh are seen here dancing backwards at such speed that their tassel coats are being flattened in the slipstream. Was ever such a feat performed before?.

Down Parade again.... The said three "gentlemen" are flat on the floor, hoping for a glimpse of a well turned ankle or six.

Not quite sure of the dance... but its a good opportunity to check out Rob's costume. And either he's moving, or its a very blustery day.

Rob still moving - but has he been left behind, or is it a solo?

Liv and Rob... plus others, doing Dilwyn. Definitely moving, just look at the speed of those sticks.

Dilwyn again... just hope the Green Man can see out sufficiently well to clash sticks with his partner, rather than clash heads.

Hugh and Roger... then Jan, Doc, Rob. This is obviously a difficult move, strangling Roger, and so the Green Man had to remove his headdress to perform accurately in time to the music..

Winterbourn Down Stick... Green Man here seems to be leaking his stuffing at an unsustainable rate. Will he make it to the last spot of the day?

Craven Stomp... Cedric, Jan, Angela and Rob doing a right hand star.

Carol and Doc... belting the living daylights out of each other's stick. In perfect time to the music, naturally. None of your random violence here.

Rob and Alan... behaving more decorously, though it looks like 2 to 1 against Angela. Shame on you, gentlemen..

Roger cornering fast... Probably thinks he's a pendolino. Angela reckons you can get by without making such a fuss while still maintaining her balance.

Carol and Doc... still slogging it out. How come the other three couples can get by so peaceably?

Salmon Tails... Roger and Angela, Vanessa and Jan

Dilwyn, the quiet bit... You can tell its quiet, can't you. I mean I can't hear anything so it must be.Carol and Helen can't even hear their sticks clashing..

Down Parade. The End... Vanessa, Helen and Liv balancing precariously while they receive Thunderous Applause

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