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The Scrapbook

Prague 2014

Diary 2018

Winterbourn Down Morris dancers

Carol B, moving fast

Eddie in Boxing Day disguise, between Sarah and Susie

Vanessa, looking a bit uncomfortable. Looks to me as though that bottle top stick behind her is not properly tuned, and she's such a sensitive soul.

Vanessa, much happier now that there's clear daylight between her and that noisy stick thing.

Dick, just waiting for the opening chords before he springs into action

Dick, savouring the music

Ann - (had a close encounter with that Dastardly Turkish Knight, methinks) and Helen

Hugh and Ann, Angela and Vanessa, with Carol B at the back

Clarence standing guard over Winterbourn's priceless drum

Malcolm. Someone should tell him we generally have the long end of the stick up in the air. Tends to get in the way otherwise.

Susie and Helen

Di - after another succesful performance of The Folly

Di, getting ready for Dilwyn

Carol W- at the end of another successful Boxing Day - 2005

Ann (cleaned up from that Turkish encounter)

Sarah, cornering at speed

Sarah showing the stress of leadership. What the **** move do I call next??

Sarah relaxing. She's realised it doesn't really matter what she says, someone will ignore her anyway

Sarah, even happier, with Ann and Liv. Retail Therapy is a distinct possibility.

Alan, on the other hand, is busy warding off salesmen of any creed, nationality or department store

Lesley, hiding behind her sunglasses

Carol B and Kathy

Liv, Mavis, Ann, Kathy, Dick, Carol W

Some of these dancers have appeared elsewhere on the website, but no apologies for including them again here. For a very few, however I am still awaiting a good photo. When I get one, I'll put you on display.

Alan, in imperious mode, having successfully dealt with all cash-till artists and credit card swipers.


Helen and David, reading from right to left

And Helen again, upstaged by her angel earrings

Hugh, showing clearly that he has washed behind his ears, with Angela, about to berate him for not finishing the job.

And Hugh again, with Susie getting close now that he's had a proper wash.

Liv, on the Lucozade again, with Alan and Ann lining up for a swig.

Malcolm and Dick

Mandy facing a difficult decision - which stick to hit next?


Norbert Maximus, breathing down Sarah's neck in Kajelus.

Norbert Parva, awaiting the start of Down Parade. Not many people know how to tell Norbert Maximus and Norbert Parva apart. Maximus has little spots on its coat, while Parva has big circles on its coat. There is also (not pictured) an occasionally viewed Norbert Media, which tends to show the same colouring as Parva. Palaeontologists attend international conferences devoted to the probable colouring metamorphosis of Parva as it achieves the wisdom of years.

Malcolm, preparing to leap into action...

This is Norbert Parva, Boxing Day 2007, warming up the audience.

Cedric. Contemplating . And hearing afar the bells of Elfland chiming.

Cedric... and having heard them, he swings into action in Cross Hands.

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