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Up Mill Steps or ' Mind the Floor'

Named after a local path leading down to the old Mill in Winterbourn Down. Also known by the dancers as "Mind the floor" in consideration of the floor of the All Saints church hall, where we practise, since the two handed sticking strikes the floor in each chorus. Click here for the dance details.

Three Jolly Sheepskins

A dance with three men and three women, without sticks, danced around the men's hats. Teapots tend to be used in practice and lettuces or pumpkins (at Halloween) have been used in public before. Click here for the dance details.

Whiteladies Aston

Based on an original Border dance. Recently brushed off the cobwebs and now danced frequently. Click here for the dance details.

Salmon Tails & Rattling Bog

A lively dance incorporating the tunes Salmon Tails and Rattling Bog. Developed by Jackie, a former Squire.

 Click here for the dance details.

Rupert's Dance

This is named after the doc's favourite character.

Music performed by Winterbourn Down Border Morris with Linda Harley on Melodeon and Brian Martin on Concertina. Click here for map showing the local places which some of our dances are named after.  

The Folly

A dance named after a brook which runs into the Frome at Damsons Bridge. Click here for the dance details.

Damson Bridge

A dance performed by four ladies and two men  Click here for the dance details.

Craven's Stomp

A dance acquired from the Craven Flag Crackers.

Winterbourn Down Stick

An old favourite created by Ian, our first Squire. It involves eight people, with sticks, and a rather unusual step which looks rather impressive when performed correctly. Click here for dance Video at the Anchor

Upton Stick

From the border down of Upton-on-Severn. Current popular dance. Click here for the dance details.

Cross Hands

An old favourite with our esteemed leader. Named after a local pub, this dance has eight dancers who arrange themselves in the shape of a cross. Click here  for dance Video at the Anchor

Fox and Goose     A 4-up dance

Chicken Pecking

Another '4-up dance.

Down Parade

Down , as in Winterbourn Down. This used to be an area of poor cottages whose inhabitants were squatters, harriers and colliers with rather a bad name for manners and morality. The dance is actually one of our more graceful displays. Click here for the dance details.


Taken from the late lamented Bristol morris side of that name. Danced to the Rochdale Coconut Dance. Click here for the dance details.


A dance for as many couples as can stand up. This version of Dilwyn is collected from the village of that name in Hertfordshire. Click here for the dance details.  

Hay on Wye

Danced to the Redesdale Hornpipe. This dance for 8 people was also inherited from the Kajelus side. Click here for the dance details.

Dingle Dance

A dance for 8 people.We have nicked it from the Iron Men, and renamed it after the Dingle - now a select area of Winterbourn Down, with lots of charming cottages. However, don't tell the estate agents, 150 years ago it was the slums, with a reputation for brawling and serious cider drinking. Of course we don't do any of that. Click here for the dance details

Severn Tunnel

This dance was taught us by Widders, from Chepstow. Its all about the Severn Tunnel, believe it or not, and the trains that run through it and do things like Loops, Viaducts, Shunting etc. Here we can see Alan and Di shunting, with Sarah and Susie checking the rail is clear before they shunt as well. Click here for the Video at the Anchor (125 version)

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