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The Mummers, Boxing Day 2007

St Stephen's morn... and after a very merry Xmas, perhaps not what the average resident wants to see first thing in the morning....

Nor, maybe... do they want a hunting horn breaking the sylvan silence.

Or a bell...

So mugshots were taken......for disturbing the peace. Later this group appeared in the local press, being made an example of. Just in case the youth of today are tempted to ape this lot.

Excitement reigns...isn’t there something better on telly?

And even more excitement......Bit young for bloodsports, isn't he?

Once more... St George and the Turkish knight battle it out

In any car park they can find...

Or road junction... Turkish knight beginning to tire here, his headdress is slipping...

But only a little while now... till we get some refreshments inside

Evil has occurred. Turkish knight has felled St George, so the Green Man has to step in and reorder the universe so that Right Will Prevail....

Not totally Green, though... is that a bit of red showing?

Turkish knight ... checking up on his fan club.

BUT.. BEHIND YOU... now its St George's turn to be less than nice

Little Fellow... trrying to make Turkey's death bed a bit more comfortable. If only he'd give up on the histrionics and lie down like any decent grieviously wounded knight.

The Doctor is summoned...Not sure if he's seen a case like this before...

Pre-op discussion... Where to make the incision, what to extract.....Oh yes, and the small matter of cash.

Just checking... for vital signs

Usually... you need the correct tool for the job

But... some doubt the Doc's skill.

The operation... appears to be......


For Medics amongst you... here is an alternative view so that you can learn exactly how to do it when the time comes.

Doc's special medicine..... He first checks it out on a woman who's "turned ninety nine". Seems to work OK.

Turkish knight ... about to be dosed with Doc's special potion.

Finally... Father Christmas has to intervene to prevent the rejuvenated Turkish Knight from battling on.

Audience reaction?... approval here all right.

Not so sure... maybe there's something else on his mind. To do with a beverage?

Reaction muted here, too... he wasn't very impressed by the plastic bone.

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