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Here is a list of the tunes in this file, and the dances we use them for.

The reason for some tunes not having a separate name is that there are no aliases for those tunes, i.e. the one name given is the only one used by us for that tune. For example, the Winterbourn Down Stick Dance tune was written specifically for the Winterbourn Down Stick dance, and the Jenny Lind tune (original name widely used in the esoteric land of folk musicians) is used for the Jenny Lind dance (choreographed by us to go with that tune).

The primary title of each tune in the list is the name we give to the dance performed - the secondary titles are either alternative names that the dancers use (e.g. Mind the Floor for Up Mill Steps) or names musicians might recognise from other sources (e.g. Portobello Hornpipe for Down Parade)



Damsons Bridge

The Big Ship

Salmon Tails

Salmon Tails

Rattling Bog

Rupert's Dance

Donkey Riding

The Cross Hands

Squire's Frolic,

Harper's Frollick


Not For Joe

Horse Shoes

Three Hand Reel

White Ladies Aston

Paddy McGinty's Goat

Lord of The Dance

Fox & Geese

Fox & Geese

Much Wenlock

Pigeon on the Gate

Dartmoor Tinner's Rabbit

Uncle Bernard's Polka

The Old Mill

The Gardener's March (adapted)

The Dingle Dance

Albert Falmer's Bonfire Tune

Hambrook Broom Dance

Davy-Davy KnickKnack;

Shepherd's Hey

Chicken Pecking

Earl Grey

Craven's Stomp

Bobby Shaftoe


Mississipi Sawyer


Not For Joe

Down Parade

Portobello Hornpipe

Fairy Dance

Largo's Fairy Dance

Hay on Wye

The Redesdale Hornpipe;

The Underhand

Jenny Lind

Jenny Lind

Wind the bobbin up

John Smith's

John Smith's


Rochdale Coconut Dance

Severn Tunnel Junction

Railway Man

This Old Man; Gloucester Hornpipe

Speed the Plough

Speed the Plough

The Folly

Sheffield Hornpipe

Three Jolly Sheepskins

Three Jollies

Up Mill Steps

 Mind the Floor

Jack Robinson

O’Connor’s Quickstep

Upton-On Severn Stick Dance

Winterbourn Down Stick Dance

Hugh's Mistake

The Sword of St . Columba

Five in a Bed

Ma Cousine Clementine

Brian has kindly written our music into ABC files for your delight

You can download all our music in abc format. Click here for the ABC file. There are readers/interpreters of these files on the ABC  Home Page at:       

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