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Prague 2014

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 Prague Folklore Festival 2014

The weekend gave us the opportunity to dance on three occasions.  We were given two allotted performances on two of the festival’s staged venues around the city and we also gave a performance on our final morning in the old town square, underneath the famous clock tower.

Now who dances where

Our first night after travelling. And our first Goulash of many

Are you sure this train goes to Severn Tunnel Junction

As a side we stood out, and that wasn’t only because of Alan’s dashing good looks or Dick’s perky, youthful complexion!  Our tattered brightly coloured appearance, exuberant attitude, and loud nature made us look like a boisterous bunch, wielding sticks as we bounced around the stage.  

Alan’s still the Babe


This was only heightened given the acts that we followed always seemed to be bonnet wearing, formally dressed, crocheted  ladies  who although were beautiful and wonderful at what they did, were rather quiet, sedate, and genteel compared to us.  The repertoire we performed in our allotted slots was well received and showed off the side well.  Coming together at the end with a performance of ‘Severn Tunnel Junction,’ with Cedric overseeing proceedings as the ‘wild’ Station Master and with singing and shunting a derailment was inevitable!

Slow down! Slow down, we might show our knickers

Our commitment to practice as finally everyone’s stepping was in time with Adam’s!  Our sticking was high, positive and together and our lines were good, which made our performances almost faultless!  This made it hugely enjoyable for our audiences that seemed to be ever expanding, and judging by the smiles, laughter, amused, bemused, or simply open mouthed expressions on their faces, they seemed to enjoy it almost as much as we did.

I am sure Prague has left a lasting impression on us all, a beautiful city with its strong architecture seeming untouched by history and reflecting its past.  We had the pleasure of enjoying the city by boat, tram, but most memorably on foot ‘strolling’ around its streets!  The searing heat that we experienced over the weekend made dancing a thirsty business and Czech beer was a welcome tipple, that some of us indulged in into the wee small hours!  The hospitality that we received was almost as memorable as the lashings of goulash and dumplings we consumed that made even the most carnivorous of us contemplate a vegetarian option, even if washed down with a bottle or three of ‘Mer-Lot’!

Short “You-tube “ video of what we got up to in Prague that hot summer