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Prague 2014

Diary 2018

Sidmouth Folk Festival 2006

Back at Sidmouth again, busking and basking on the seafront.

A good start... Craven Stomp.

But part way through, Vanessa seems to have lost something

Some of the men... are quite amused....In fact the men do not behave themselves at all well, today, as you will see..................................

The musicians, too have words, and

Linda... moves off, not exactly in a huff, but definitely avoiding eye contact.

What did we say?

All's well again... ready for another dance.

But Chris gets distracted and thinks of other things.

Back to the dancing... this is the shunting move in Severn Tunnel.

And this is the Viaduct move. We think the move represents the railway viaduct in Winterbourne, but since Widders from Chepstow taught us this dance, clearly they have poached one of our landmarks and then had the bare faced cheek to sell it back to us..

Alan and Hugh... reprise their unique brand of monopod dancing, when, suddenly,.....

Something catches their eye

... who took these photos?

Back on the dance floor, most passion spent, Helen and Ramon size up for Dilwyn. Hugh, on the extreme right of the picture, has had to be restrained with one ankle tied to a big heavy bag.

Must be the end of the day... it looks like we've danced ourselves to a walk.

Fair do, though it was very hot, hence Helen's headgear

The next generation... distinctly unimpressed.

Another unhappy punter. "Mummy", she said, "What are they for?"

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