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The evolution of stepping styles

Sarah was spotted doing it in Corn Street, on Rag's 25th Birthday. It is well documented that Rag spent the rest of the weekend in their cups, despairing of being able to copy us, whereas we were all dead sober, struggling to follow Sarah's lead.

Angie had it sussed soon, Ann was testing it out, while Eddie was still unsure, and had another look to try and cotton on.

Again, Angie is well in command of this step.

Susie had it sussed by the time of the Winterbourn Down Carnival, while everyone else is still using both legs, and has two feet firmly planted. None of that monopod nonsense for me, thankyou.

Susie and Alan modelling the new step in the broom dance. Unusually, they are pretty much in time. Keep up, Alan! That broom is half a twirl behind!

By 17th July, monopod was over. Here we can see the next stage in stepping evolution. Lots of different variations, awaiting survival of the fittest to determine which one succeeds. I simply hope its not Ann's style which wins out (in front of the white car). How does she do it?

This year we have seen a subtle change in the way we dance. It is not listed in the Morris Federation's Book of Proper Practice. Traditionalists are shivering behind their bell pads, and we are at risk of being shunned at Upton, Chepstow and even Sipping Chodbury. The new method is called the monopod step.