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Blagdon Wassail 2006

Traditional, mystic, ancient, cider-driven, - Ok, it could be us, but it's not, it's the ancient Wassail ceremony as practised down in Blagdon by the Mendips. There's a spot of drinking in the pub, followed by singing the Wassail song, then a spot of morris dancing outside, the choosing of the Apple Queen by lot, a procession to the orchard, the standing in the sheep-truckle-strewn grass, the libation to the oldest tree, the scaring off of evil spirits (and airborne bacilli) by shotgun, and a prayer from the rector.

Finally, we get to drink the cider.

A veil is drawn over what happened inside the pub, but outside... Priston Jubilee Morris danced in the winter sunshine against the backdrop of Blagdon Lake.

Winterbourne also danced, though history has not recorded it. But we did manage a cheesy pose. Stop talking in the back row!!

Shock horror. Hugh discovered that he was Apple Prince Consort!!.

Robin Goodfellow is given a piece of toast soaked in cider. The poor focus of the photo is entirely appropriate since this is a mystic moment.

The roots of the tree are given a drink of cider to remind them what they are supposed to produce in the coming year.

Evil spirits are summarily dealt with

The rector offers a prayer

Winterbourn get to the cider at last. I like the socks, Vanessa.

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