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Winterbourn down Stick

An old favourite created by Ian, our first Squire. It involves eight people, with sticks, and a rather unusual step which looks rather impressive when performed correctly.

This is a dance for 8 people written by Ian, our first squire. It can also be adapted for 4 6 people.

STEPPING One hop, two hop, 1,2,3 steps, hop

Dance Steps

 1                      2

 3                      4

 5                      6

 7                      8

1 faces 3, 2 and 4, 5 and 7, 6 and 8.


Clash twice with opposite partner (//), once with person diagonally to the right (\). Then clash twice with person diagonally right (\\), once with opposite partner (/). Then once diagonally right (\), once opposite (/), once diagonally right (\). Turn in a small circle on the left shoulder for 4, back into position. Repeat


1 hop, clash with partner, 2nd hop on spot, 1,2,3,steps across set, passing right shoulder with opposite partner.

1 hop 2 hop, turn on right shoulder 180°, 1,2,3, steps back into set facing partner.

1 hop clash with partner, 2nd hop on spot, 1,2,3, steps across set, passing right shoulder.

1 hop, 2 hop, turn 180° back into set, 1,2,3 (small steps) back into place.



1 hop clash with partner opposite, turn on left shoulder 90°, stepping. The two lines are now moving in opposite directions (2 hop, 1,2,3 steps).

Hop turn 90° on right shoulder into set, so that both lines looking across the set.

1 hop across set to opposite side, 2nd hop turn 90° on right shoulder.

1,2,3 steps along opposite side of set.

1 hop, clash with partner, 2nd hop turn 90° into set on right shoulder.

1 hop across set, 2nd hop turn 90° on right shoulder.

1,2,3 steps, hop, along the side of set back to original place.



Steps must be kept small in this move.

Dancers 2,3,4,5,6,7 will do:

1 hop, clash with opposite partner.

2nd hop, grab person opposite and left for waist swing.

1,2,3 steps, hop, moving around in the swing for a ½ turn.

1 hop, 2 hop - release waists and move backwards slightly.

1,2 3 steps across set, keeping person you have swung with passing your left shoulder.

1 hop turn on right shoulder into next place down on your left.

i.e Dancer 2 moves to dancer 4 position, 4 moves to 6 position, likewise on opposite side

Repeat above but in reverse and turning back into original place on left shoulder.

Meanwhile, dancers 1 & 8 will do:

Clash with partner and cast out, stepping, and move to the opposite end of line i.e. 1 goes to 7th place, 8 goes to 2nd place.

1 clashes with 3, and 8 clashes with 6 when half the swing has been performed.

1 & 8 will then cast out and step back to their original places.



1 hop, 2 hop to form circle, circle around once coming back into place.



Everybody clash on 1st hop.

To lead off, couples come through middle of set, starting with 1 & 2, 1 hop, 2 hop in position and 1,2,3 steps, hop, then joined by 3 & 4, then 5 & 6, finally 7 & 8 join in.

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