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Prague 2014

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Worcester Xmas Fayre 2006

I couldn't go to this gig, but asked afterwards how it went. What people remembered of the day was the yellow toy ducks. I remain unelightened, and the photos don't help either. Its just another Morris Mystery, along with such questions as "Why do they do it?" and "What's that awful noise?".

Severn Tunnel... Mandy coming through at speed.

Liv, thinking longingly of all that retail therapy which is close at hand

Di... preparing to get in there first.

And Susie, victorious after having won the race.

But back to the Morris... this is the Arches move in "The Folly".....

And this is the end, literally, of the Arches move, with just a small hint from Alan to get a move on......

Words fail me... what did he do to merit this? Particularly given the absolutely disgraceful display in the next photo......

Down Parade. For some reason which escapes me the men seem to be on the floor while the women are doing a left hand star. Now, you'd never catch me down there, would you?

Dilwyn... We have to get the crowd quiet so that we can hear ourselves think. Or rather, so that we can hear whether we are thinking or not.

Dance unspecified, but Terry is being very specific about clashing his stick.

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